6 Questions To Help You Find Your Ideal Exercise Program

Right Amount of Exercise Can Boost Mental Health: Study

Do your job, children, or responsibilities make some types of training difficult? Plan around them. If you don’t’ have time for two hours at the gym — then exercise at home. If it’s too boring at home for you — then find a friend to workout with.
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NATO stages exercise as rearming Russia worries some allies

Russian monitors would be invited. “We have to be prepared for more high end military operations,” he said in September, adding that NATO’s counter- insurgency experience from Afghanistan was no longer enough. By “high end” Breedlove meant combating any possible threat from a well-armed state, rather than relatively crudely-armed guerrillas as in the alliance’s most recent operations. Russia’s “high end” capability, experts say, is improving fast and NATO is responding. Apart from “Steadfast Jazz”, NATO training near Russia recently included the “Brilliant Arrow” fast jet exercise in August in central Norway.
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Multiple sclerosis patients with depression may benefit from exercise

They were surprised to find that after 7.5 hours of exercise per week, symptoms of depression and anxiety increased sharply. This was true in both men and women, and in people of all ages and different levels of health. The study, published online and in the September issue of the journal Preventive Medicine, is the first to show an association between too much exercise and poor mental health, according to a Columbia news release. However, further research is needed to determine whether people who tend to be depressed and anxious are more likely to be more physically active as a way to keep their mental symptoms under control, or whether greater amounts of exercise actually cause symptoms of depression and anxiety. The researchers also emphasize that their findings support “the notion that regular activity may lead to prevention of mental health disorders.” “If physical activity can prevent mental health disorders or improve overall mental health, the public health impact of promoting physical activity could be enormous,” they wrote in the study.
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The exact reasons why exercise may improve depression are not well understood. But some researchers suggested that exercise improves mood as well as fitness. Others proposed that exercise might create changes in the brain that may result in enhanced learning and memory. Results from 23 trials suggested that exercise reduced depression. And no clear differences were found between participants engaged in either aerobic or strength exercise. Furthermore, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence recommended that patients with mild to moderate depression be treated with “…a structured, supervised exercise program, three times per week (45 minutes to 1 hour) over 10 to 14 weeks. According to the authors of this review, In the broader depression literature there is substantive empirical evidence for the benefits of exercise on depression.” However, with respect to the results of clinical trials that have focused on MS patients with depressive symptoms, they wrote, Overall, there is no distinct or clear pattern of results from the randomized clinical trials allowing us to arrive at a firm conclusion regarding the effects of exercise training on depressive symptoms in MS. Only 11 clinical trials have compared the effects of exercise in MS patients with depressive symptoms.
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